Territory Information

NW Scheduler allows congregations to add customised information to each territory. As much or little information can be added, depending on the needs of your congregation.

To access Territory Information, select any territory and click Territory Information

NW Scheduler Territories Territory Information New World Scheduler

Territory Category

  • Note: See Territory Categories to add or edit categories.

The Territory Category that this territory belongs to. This is combined with the Territory Number to display the territory

  • E.G. C-2

If a territory does not have a category, it will be automatically placed in the Unassigned category.

Territory Number

This must be a number only.

  • E.G. 2

This number is automatically combined with the Territory Category Code to display the territory.

  • E.G. C-2

Territory Suffix

This can be a letter or number which will be added to the end of the Territory Number.

  • E.G. C-2-A

You might use the Suffix if you split a larger territory into several smaller ones.

Territory Type

The type of the territory can be either:

  • In person
  • Letter Writing
  • Phone
  • Business

This will determine how the territory displays on the NW Publisher app. and how it is printed.

Territory Area

  • Note: Territory Areas are optional.

The area of the territory. This might be the suburb, city or region.

  • E.G. Beechview

This will display on the NW Publisher app. and when printing Territory Cards.

To Add or Edit Territory Areas, click Edit.

Territory Links

  • Note: Territory Links are optional.

Add up to 2 website links.

  • Note: A link can be any website or web address, Google Maps location, an online map file, an online spreadsheet, photo, etc.

The links will display on NW Publisher app for that Territory, including when that territory is added to the Field Service Schedule.

If the Territory Card is physically printed, Link 1 may be optionally used to create a QR code.

  • Note: If the link is too long, a QR code cannot be created

Territory Notes

  • Note: Territory Notes are optional.

Two custom Notes fields that can display information about the territory. Both the title and the notes can be customized.

  • Warning: Notes should be kept brief and small. Too many notes may cause your territory data to be too large to send to the NW Publisher app

Notes will display on both the printed Territory Card and the NW Publisher app.

Notes from Publisher

A temporary field that displays any notes entered by the assigned publisher when mark a territory as Completed using the NW Publisher app.

The Territory Servant can use the Notes from Publisher to make any necessary adjustments, and then delete the notes.

If any completed territory has Notes from Publisher, this will show on the Me view for the Territory Servant.

Data Size

The bottom-right corner will display the total Data Size for this territory. The Data Size is made up from all the Territory Information as well as the Territory Boundary.

Addresses, Assignments or Map view screenshots do not affect the data size.

If the Data Size for the selected territory is greater than 3000 bytes, a red Warning will be shown. The most common causes of large data is:

  1. Too many Territory Notes. Please keep notes brief.
  2. Too many Territory Boundary points. Please keep territory boundaries simple and don’t add too many points.
  3. Very long Territory Links

As there is a limit of how much data can be sent to the NW Publisher app, if you have too many large territories Assigned at once, you may receive errors when sending app data.

  • Example: 50 Assigned Territories that average 2500 bytes will be fine, but 100 Assigned Territories that average 5000 bytes may cause problems.

Example Boundary

NW Scheduler Territories Territory Boundary Points Too Many New World Scheduler

Common Questions and Problems

Territories are sorted according to Category Code, then Number, the Suffix.

  • Note: the Suffix was designed to be a Letter, and will sort alphabetically.
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