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NW Scheduler (New World Scheduler) is a software program designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses. NW Scheduler can schedule and organise the Christian Life and Ministry meetingPublic Talks, Secretary Records, Field Service schedules, Public Witnessing Carts, Territories, Duties and Kingdom Hall Cleaning, Literature Requests, LDC Maintenance, and even more!

NW Scheduler 7.2

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New World Scheduler is available in 100+ languages
It is used by thousands of congregations in 170+ countries

JW Scheduler has been renamed New World Scheduler (NW Scheduler). We hope this avoids any confusion between our software and official software. Everything else remains the same.

New World Scheduler 7.2


Welcome to NW Scheduler 7.2!

This release has improved the scheduling of the Life and Ministry Meeting, including adding more flexibility for Life and Ministry Meeting Overseers to fully adjust the midweek schedule.

We’ve also added 2 beautiful new Color Shaded templates for the Weekly Overview and Life and Ministry Meeting schedule.

Warm Christian Love, New World Scheduler Team

Release Notes



  • All parts of the Life and Ministry Meeting can now be edited, e.g. talk titles, student parts, etc. This allows very small languages to use NW Scheduler, and also allows brothers to manually add Meeting Data even without an EPUB file.
  • Timing of Treasures Talk and Spiritual Gems parts can now be adjusted.


  • Weekly Overview: Color Shaded
  • Life and Ministry Meeting Schedule: 2-per page Color Shaded
  • Territory Addresses: Small



  • Interface improved when creating the Midweek Meeting schedule and when selecting Persons for CLM parts.
  • Meeting Data files are now much smaller.


  • Territory Addresses view now shows how many Addresses, Apartments and Available.
  • Added more Print options to Territory Cards and Territory Addresses (e.g. DNC with date)


  • Added new Quick Step: Send Publisher Report Not Received Reminders for the Secretary and Reports Servant


  • Can now renew within 45 days (instead of 30)


  • Chitumbuka (Tumbuka)
  • Galician Galego
  • Ndebele (Zimbabwe)
  • Serbian srpski
  • Twi (NW Publisher app)


  • Bug fixes are usually released in Build Updates. If you have a problem or bug, please click Me > Updates > Check for Updates

Previous Versions of New World Scheduler

New World Scheduler 7.1


Welcome to NW Scheduler 7.1!

This release focuses on improving and updating Territories, both in NW Scheduler and NW Publisher app.

We’ve also added a new Personal Help Feature. We greatly appreciate loving brothers who are willing to volunteer to offer Personal Help to others in your area.

Warm Christian Love, New World Scheduler Team

Release Notes



  • Brothers can now Offer Personal Help and Request Personal Help from within NW Scheduler. Click the Help button to access. Please visit our website and see Help > Personal Help for more information.
    • Note: Personal Help does not replace our website Help. Please carefully check the website Help before requesting Personal Help.



  • Language Groups can now tick No Meeting for any weeks that the language group does not hold a midweek meeting. These weeks will no longer show on NW Publisher app.


  • A Contact Card icon has been placed next to the Public Speaker. Hover-over to see their Contact Details, or click to navigate to the Public Speaker.
  • Language Groups can now tick No Meeting for any weeks that the language group does not hold a weekend meeting. These weeks will no longer show on NW Publisher app.


  • Added a new Custom Address button to the NW Pubilsher app. This could be used for “Foreign Language”, “No Access” (gates and dogs), “Brother Only Call”, or anything else you need. Adjust in Territories > Settings.
    • Note: Please use the Address Notes for specific details, e.g. specific language, reason for No Access, etc.
  • Map Labels can now be added to any Territory map. These could be used for block numbers, or anything else you need.
  • All NW Publisher app Address buttons can be optionally Disabled. Adjust in Territories > Settings.
    • Note: For example, in Europe you might disable the Not Home button.
  • Territories can now be Assigned to either Congregation, Field Service Group or Personal.
  • Added a Minimize Map button to minimize the Mapview. Your last used setting is remembered.
  • Left and Right Mapview columns can now be adjusted. Your last used setting is remembered.
  • Can now edit the Date of any Do Not Calls.
  • Added “Import Boundary from KML” button to the Territory, so a single KML file can be imported to a specific territory.
  • Increased Address limit to 300 per Territory.
  • “Out of memory” crash while drawing new Boundaries has been fixed.

NW PUBLISHER APP (NW Publisher app 3.1.1 or greater)

  • Publishers can now Edit Address Notes from within NW Publisher app.
    • Note: These must be checked and approved by the Territory Servant.
  • Added Navigate to Address and Copy Address buttons to the Map view.
  • Added Show My Location button to the Map view, to show exactly where you are on the map.
  • Territories List is now separated into Personal, Field Service Group and Congregation.
  • Territories List can now be filtered by Area.
  • Territories List will now show any territories assigned to you up the top of the list.
  • Address Icons have been improved and are much clearer.
  • Map overlay is more transparent, and the border is clearer.
  • Request Territory has been moved to Me.
  • Letter Writing maps now include the Postal Code.
  • If the phone screen is too narrow, Address button abbreviations will be shown.
  • Field Service Activity has been improved to ensure data is correctly saved on update.


  • Help has been improved and is easier to use
  • Added Offer Personal Help and Request Personal Help menu items
  • Added Video Tutorials and Testimonials and Reviews menu items.
  • Add “Logs” button which shows various logs and can be used for debuggeina any problems.


  • New Release Overview and Release Notes will now be shown in the Program Language
    • Note: This is translated using Google Translate only. Please see the English Release Notes if you are unsure of the meaning. Only languages supported by Google Translate will be translated.


  • Bug fixes are usually released in Build Updates. If you have a problem or bug, please click Me > Updates > Check for Updates

New World Scheduler 7.0


Welcome to NW Scheduler 7.0, our biggest new release ever!

We have added many new features, updates, improvements and fixes to make NW Scheduler quicker and easier to use.

The biggest new feature is Territories. This means congregations can now fully integrate territories into NW Scheduler, including drawing boundaries, adding addresses, letter writing and phone witnessing maps, and much more. The new Territory functions are very flexible, allowing congregations to use them according to local circumstances.

These advanced Territory Features have been added to a new Congregation Gold Registration type. Territory features and modules are very expensive, and we do not want to place this added expense on congregations who will not use them. You can draw several Territory boundaries and add some addresses to evaluate before upgrading.

We have also added many useful features and updates to the NW Publisher app, including added security and enhanced encryption. After updating, a Congregation Administrator must click App > Update. This will allow publishers using the new NW Publisher app 3.0 to connect.

Finally, we’ve been working hard to improve the User Interface of NW Scheduler. Many features are much easier to use, especially Circuits, Congregations and Public Speakers and Public Speaker Sharing.

Release Notes



Please see our new Territories Help video or click Help > Territories to learn how to use these new features.

  • Territories now has own Menu button on the left.
  • Territories User Interface completely re-designed to be much easier to use.
  • Draw Territory Boundaries on the congregation Master Map. (Congregation Gold)
  • Add individual addresses to territories. (Congregation Gold)
  • Create Territory Card map based on the Territory Boundary. (Congregation Gold)
  • Geolocate both Addresses and Coordinates. (Congregation Gold)
  • Create Letter Writing and Phone Witnessing maps. (Congregation Gold)
  • Complete Territories and Addresses using the NW Publisher app, including marking Home, Not Home and Do Not Call. (Congregation Gold)
  • Complete Letter Writing and Phone Witnessing maps using the NW Publisher app, including marking Letter Sent, Answered, No Answer or Do Not Call. (Congregation Gold)
  • Publishers can submit New Addresses via the NW Publisher app. (Congregation Gold)
  • Shared Congregation Assigned Territory List on NW Publisher app.
  • Personal Territories.
  • Convert Not at Homes to Letter Writing maps. (Congregation Gold)


  • Show Publishers. Can now display congregation publishers Contact Information, Emergency Contacts and Publisher Reports on the NW Publisher app. This optional feature can be fully customized for both Elders and Ministerial servants, to show either All Persons or their Field Service Group only. This is displayed on the Me view of the NW Publisher app.
  • App Notification Emails. Can now enter emails to receive notifications when certain App functions are performed, e.g. App Administration, Hospitality Requests, Territory Requests and Literature Requests.
  • Circuit Overseer App User. This allows your Circuit Overseer to use NW Publisher app to connect to your congregation during his visit.



  • Added new Congregation Gold Registration type, which includes the new, advanced Territory Features. Territory features and modules are very expensive, and we do not want to place this added expense on congregations who will not use them. You can draw several Territory boundaries and add some addresses to evaluate before upgrading.
  • Renamed Congregation Standard to Congregation Bronze.
  • Renamed Congregation Premium to Congregation Silver.
  • Slightly reduced the cost of Congregation Bronze (Standard) and Congregation Silver (Premium).


  • Many screens have been re-designed to be easier to use.
  • Drop-down menu style improved.
  • Button style improved.
  • Fonts more standardized.
  • Congregation ID is now shown on the top menu bar.


  • Added new ‘Import or Export’ menu option, under Congregation. This can be used to quickly and easily Import or Export data.
  • Can now import KHS, Hourglass, CLM Explorer and CSV without needing to delete or create a new congregation. This will keep your existing Congregation ID.
  • More Import/Export options added, especially Territories and Addresses.


  • Backup and Restore has been moved to a new ‘Backup and Restore’ menu option, under Congregation.
  • Restore can now select individual data, including individual Persons and Field Service Reports.


  • Added Country field.
  • ‘Sound and Video Servant’ renamed ‘Audio/​Video Support Coordinator’
  • ‘Export for Circuit Overseer’ moved to ‘Import or Export’ menu


  • Added optional Event Start Time and End Time.
  • Added new Service Overseer Visit event.
  • Can now schedule Events up to 15 months in advance.
  • When Circuit Overseer Visit is selected, NW Scheduler will warn and ask about deleting existing assignments.


  • Added First Name and Last Name columns, so Persons can now be sorted by either.


  • User Interface completely re-designed to place everything on 1 screen, and be much easier to use.


  • User Interface completely re-designed to place everything on 1 screen, and be much easier to use.
  • Circuits are now directly listed under the Country (except USA).
  • Circuit Name Format no longer restricted.
  • Circuits can now be renamed.


  • Added ‘Email vCard’ button and Export to vCard. vCard is a mobile phone Contact Card format, to allow persons to be quickly added as Contacts to your phone.
  • Added Assign Field Service ‘Key Person’ field. This is optionally used for Public Witnessing.
  • Added Assign Duties option for ‘All Meetings’, ‘Midweek Meetings’, ‘Weekend Meetings’.
  • Added ‘Large Print’ options for Printed Study Watchtower and Meeting Workbook.
  • Removed the “Transfer Person” option. You should now use “Export Person”. This will also warn you how many people you are exporting.
  • As per sfl 26.2, Emergency Contacts address removed from NW Publisher app.


  • Added an optional 3rd Living as Christians part. This could be used for Convention and Assembly previews or reviews.
  • Added a “None” option (next to JW Stream). This can be used when a part is not needed for a particular week, e.g. CBS Reader.


  • Main Schedule now goes back 12 months instead of 3 months.
  • Added Revision Dates to all Public Talks. This will display in various places and reports.


  • Added ‘Speakers Away this Week’ count.


  • User Interface re-designed to be easier to use. Template moved to the bottom-left.
  • Field Service Meeting Territories can be selected from ‘Assigned’ territories only.
  • Past Field Service Schedules will now be kept for the entire previous month.


  • Interface slightly re-designed.
  • Added option for specifying how many Key Persons are required on each Public Witnessing Shift.
  • Added new Duplicate, Copy Shifts and Paste Shifts buttons to make setting up Public Witnessing much quicker.
  • Past Public Witnessing Reservations will now be kept for the entire previous month.
  • Public Witnessing Reservations are now automatically Synced whenever the program is opened.


  • Added a 9th Custom Duty (this could be used for the new Entrance Attendant duty).
  • Duties will now list the position, e.g. Attendant 1, Attendant 2. This will help further refine what role you have.
  • Unused Duties are removed from the Duties Schedule view.


  • User Interface design improved.
  • Can now Import and Export Maintenance LDC Categories, Tasks and Assignments for sharing with other congregations sharing your Kingdom Hall.
  • Now shows 3 years of Maintenance History, last year, this year, and next year.


  • Import territories from Territory Helper, Google KML and CSV files.
  • Assign territories to the Circuit Overseer.
  • Map size limit increased to 300KB.
  • Territory Limits adjusted.
  • Territory Link titles are customizable.
  • Territory “overdue” months is customizable.
  • Territory maximum “Not at Home” attempts is customizable.

NW PUBLISHER APP (*all publishers must use NW Publisher app 3.0.0 or greater*)

  • Added new and stronger encryption to all data. This requires Congregation Administrators to click Update the first time they access the NW Publisher app.
  • User Interface re-designed to be clearer and easier to use.
  • Receive and Import App Data improved, and can now be done with a single click.
  • Show Territories. This now displays as a main menu on the App.
  • All publishers can now see Assigned Territories (except Personal Territory assignments).
  • Show Field Service Schedule can now be enabled/disabled.
  • Congregation PINs must now have 8 digits (old 6-digit PINs will continue to work)
  • Congregation PIN can now be set by the congregation, although we strongly recommend using a randomly generated PIN.
  • Person PINs must now have 8 digits (old 6-digit PINs will continue to work).
  • Credit can now be recorded on the app with part hours (decimals).
  • Field Service Reminders now show correct Month, and are more reliable.
  • Group Overseer can now send his own Field Service Report from the Publishers view.
  • New Green icon shown on the Midweek and Weekend Meeting Schedules for anyone who has a Duty during a meeting.
  • Midweek and Weekend Meeting schedules will now show 8 weeks.
  • App Logs improved to be clearer.


  • Printing Territory Cards with image is now better quality.
  • Selecting Persons for a report is now easier.


  • Email Templates are now sorted into Categories. This makes them much easier to find and use.
  • New Email Tag: [HOSPITALITY]


  • Unscheduled Life and Ministry Meeting, Weekend Meeting or Duties will now show exactly what assignment is unscheduled.
  • Me View Settings has been removed from Settings and has its own menu called “Me View Alerts”.


  • NEW: Public Talks – Hospitality Reminder. This will send both the Public Speaker and Host contact details to each other.
  • NEW: Territories – Territories Overdue
  • NEW: NW Publisher app – Send App Invitation Email to CO
  • NEW: Maintenance – Send Upcoming Maintenance Tasks.


  • Territories: Letter Writing and Phone Map templates


  • Pioneer Hours updated to include a Date Range, which allows for more flexibility.
  • Public Talk History now includes the Revision or Updated date for each Public Talk.
  • Persons with Printed Publications now includes ‘Separate by Group’ option.


  • NW Scheduler
  • NW Publisher appVietnamese

New World Scheduler Download Archives

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