Congregation Sharing

New World Scheduler Congregation Sharing allows any approved appointed brother to automatically share and synchronize all New World Scheduler data and schedules. This allows all elders in your congregation to easily keep up-to-date with what is happening in the congregation.

Benefits of Congregation Sharing

In many congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses, each elder or ministerial servant uses a different program, spreadsheet or method to create schedules, maintain lists, and assign talks and parts. This results in duplicate work, duplicate lists, inconsistent schedules and much wasted time and effort. It is harder to train new brothers, and harder to ensure all data is secure. In other congregation, brothers constantly email data updates back and forth in an effort to align their data.

New World Scheduler Congregation Sharing solves all these problems.

Create and maintain just one list of publishers and one congregation. Then each brother can use New World Scheduler to handle their own responsibilities, and all data can be automatically and securely shared to all other appointed brothers.

All data is secure and accurate. Errors are reduced. Training new brothers is easier. Reports and Schedules are appealing and look consistent. Publishers are presented with a unified approach from the Body of Elders. Everyone saves time.

Who can benefit from Congregation Sharing?

Coordinator of the Body of Elders

Schedule all non-student parts of the midweek Life and Ministry Meeting and maintain Congregation Assignments.

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Congregation Secretary

Enter Field Service Reports, maintain Publisher Record cards and submit the monthly Field Service report.​

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Life & Ministry Meeting Overseer

Schedule all student parts of the midweek Christian Life and Ministry Meeting (CLM), print reports and assignment slips.

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Service Overseer

Schedule congregation Field Service meetings, create and maintain congregation Field Service Groups.

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Group Overseers

See the field service information of all members in their group, so they can promptly follow-up and provide assistance.

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Territory Servant

Organize Congregation Maps and Territories, including checking out to publishers and printing S-13 Records.

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Public Talk Coordinator

Schedule Local and Away Public Talks, add and maintain Public Speakers, including both local and neighbour congregations.

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Who else can benefit from Congregation Sharing?

Maintenance Coordinator

Create and assign Custom Tasks to publishers to complete certain Maintenance Tasks.

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Literature Servant

Manage and organize Literature Items and Literature Requests from publishers.

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Cleaning Coordinator

Schedule congregation Kingdom Hall cleaning and Lawn and Garden care.

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Attendants Servant

Schedule congregation duties such as Attendants, Security, Car Park, as well as record the Meeting Attendance.

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Audio Video Servant

Schedule congregation duties such as Sound, Video, Microphones, Platform and Zoom Host.

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All other Elders

See all the above data and keep up-to-date with everything that is happening in the congregation.

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User Access

Congregation Sharing is designed only for appointed brothers. Even so, not all appointed brothers would need to be able to edit or access all parts of New World Scheduler.

For example, you might want only the COBE and CLMO to edit the Christian Life and Ministry schedule, or the Attendant Servant to only have access to scheduling Duties.

Therefore, New World Scheduler Congregation Sharing allows specific User Access to be assigned to each Shared Member. This limits what each brother can View or Edit.

How does Congregation Sharing work?

New World Scheduler Congregation Sharing allows you to automatically share and synchronize all New World Scheduler data with other approved brothers in your congregation. Congregation Sharing does not store any confidential or sensitive information online, therefore is fully compliant with sfl. Congregation Sharing is also fully compliant with the strict European GDPR Privacy laws.

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