Email Special Features

New World Scheduler Emailing supports adding Email Attachments from two locations:

  1. A file on your computer, see Email with New World Scheduler
  2. Reports and Schedules directly from within New World Scheduler. Doing so enables Email Special Features for some reports, which allows for very powerful automation.

Email a Report or Schedule from within New World Scheduler

  1. Click Printing > Save, Print & Email Report
  2. Make the appropriate selections to select your Report or Schedule. See Save, Print and Email Report
  3. Optionally, tick the box Send Individually
    • Note: See below for which Reports and Schedules support the special feature Send Individually.
  4. Click Email
  5. Your report will then be generated and automatically added as an Email Attachment. You will then be taken to the Email view to finalise and Send your emails. See Email with New World Scheduler.
    • Note: If you ticked Send Individually, the To field will be automatically populated with the Everyone in Report filter.
    • Note: You can also Load an Email Template for even more automation.

Email Special Features

While all New World Scheduler Reports and Schedules can be emailed, some Reports and Schedules also support the following Email Special Features:

  1. Email Template. New World Scheduler contains a default Email Template related to sending this report. Of course, you are free to edit, translate or create your own Email Templates for any report. See Email with New World Scheduler > Email Templates for more information.
  2. Everyone in Report. This report supports the Everyone in Report Email Filter, which allows you to send the report to only members actually inside the report. This is useful when sending certain schedules or lists.
  3. Send Individually. When sending this report via Email, you can Tick the box Send Individually, and each page of the report will only be sent to the appropriate member.

Email Examples

  • The Life and Ministry Meeting Overseer can send Assignment Slips to each student who has a part.
  • The Life and Ministry Meeting Overseer can send the next months Chairman Outlines to all upcoming Chairman’s.
  • The Secretary can send a Field Service Summary to each Group Overseer at the end of the month.
  • The Secretary can send a Group Field Service Collection form to all Group Overseers at the start of the month.
  • The Secretary can send each Group Overseer the Emergency Contacts List for all members in their group.
  • The Public Talk Coordinator can send upcoming Public Talk Assignments to all Public Speakers in the congregation.
  • The Public Talk Coordinator can send Visiting Speaker Invitations to all upcoming Visiting Speakers.

Email Special Features​ Summary

The following table shows which New World Scheduler Reports and Schedules support Email Special Features:

ReportEmail TemplateEveryone in ReportSend Individually
Weekly Overview-Yes-
Field Service SummaryYesYesYes
(Group Overseers)
Group Field Service CollectionYesYesYes
(Group Overseers)
Missing ReportsYes--
Missing & Zero Hour Report HistoryYesYes-
Member Information CheckYesYesYes
Emergency Contact ListYesYesYes
(Group Overseers)
Group Members Spiritual Summary-YesYes
(Group Overseers)
App Members-YesYes
(Group Overseers)
Life and Ministry Meeting Schedule-Yes-
Chairman OutlineYesYesYes
School Assignment Slips-YesYes
(1 per page Template only)
School WorksheetsYesYesYes
Public Talk AssignmentsYesYesYes
Visiting Speaker InvitationsYesYesYes
Duties Schedule-Yes-
Cleaning Schedule-Yes-
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