JW Territory Management

New World Scheduler can create and manage JW Congregation Territories and maps, including Territory Boundaries, Territory InformationTerritory AddressesTerritory Assignments and Territory Maps

Territories can be viewed and edited from the NW Publisher app, or can be printed as Territory Cards (Maps).

NW Scheduler also fully supports Letter Writing and Phone Witnessing Maps.

NW Scheduler can be used to quickly and easily draw congregation territory boundaries.

These boundaries can be assigned different colors and are used when printing Territory Cards or displaying territories on the NW Publisher app.

NW Scheduler can be used to quickly and easily add territory addresses, including the address coordinates.

Addresses can be displayed on the printed Territory Cards or the NW Publisher app, and ensures you thoroughly cover your territory, including specifying how many times to try a Not at Home.

NW Scheduler Territories Territory Main Table New World Scheduler

Territory Assignments allows you to Assign territories to either Publishers or Field Service Groups.

Territories can also optionally be assigned a Personal Territories or for a Campaign.

The Date and Publisher is recorded and is displayed on the S-13 Territory Assignment Records.

NW Scheduler fully supports Letter Writing and Phone Witnessing maps, including maps automatically creating Letting Writing maps from not at homes.

Letter Writing and Phone Witnessing maps can either be printed or accessed by NW Publisher app.

NW Scheduler Territories Territory Addresses New World Scheduler
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