Tasks allow you to keep track of any congregation tasks you must perform, as well as assign and track tasks for others.

New World Scheduler will automatically generate certain tasks just for you, based on your congregation responsibilities. For example, Accounts Audit, Arrange Service Overseer visit, Check RP hours, etc.

Custom Tasks can also be created, and assigned either to yourself or others. Tasks have a Due Date and will show a warning when they are overdue.

  • Note: New World Scheduler Tasks are designed for important congregation tasks only. This is not an organizer for your daily life or personal weekly schedule. There are many other apps you can use for your personal tasks or schedule.

To create, edit or delete Tasks, click Me > Tasks

To view My Tasks, click Me

New World Scheduler Me view Tasks

Add Task

  1. Click Me > Tasks
  2. Click New
  3. Enter the Task name
  4. Optionally, enter a Description
  5. Select the Person who should complete the task. You may select yourself.
  6. Set the Due Date
New World Scheduler Me view Tasks New Task

Delete Task

  • Note: Any tasks completed more than 1 month ago, or overdue by more than 1 month will be automatically deleted.
  1. Click Me > Tasks
  2. Select the Task to delete
  3. Click Delete and confirm your choice.

My Tasks

My Tasks are displayed on the Me view and list all Custom Tasks and automatically generated Tasks that are assigned to you.

Any overdue tasks will show a red notification. Tasks that are nearly overdue will show an orange notification.

To complete a task, tick the box next to the task.

To see the task Description, click the task name.

New World Scheduler Me view My Tasks Due

Automatically generated Tasks

New World Scheduler will automatically generate tasks for you based on your Congregation Responsibilities.

Coordinator of the Body of Elders (COBE)

  • Arrange for two elders to meet with baptized publisher
  • Arrange Audit

Congregation Secretary

  • Notify the coordinator of the body of elders a publisher has been baptized one year
  • Provide DPA cards and related materials to newly baptized publishers
  • Review the activity of regular pioneers near the midpoint of the service year

Service Overseer

  • Visit a different field service group each month

Service Committee

  • Review the activity of any regular pioneers who did not reach the annual hour requirement
  • Review local disaster preparedness arrangements with the Body of Elders

Group Overseer

  • Review with assistant the activity of those in group

Common Questions and Problems

Not at this time, but we hope to add this feature sometime in the future.

Not at this time, but we hope to add this feature sometime in the future.

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