Common Public Speaker Sharing Questions & Problems

Circuit Names must please follow the correct format. This is usually <CODE>-<NUMBER> (e.g. USA, Canada, Australia, etc). Some parts of the world have different formats, which can be changed in Settings.

Please do not include different sides of a circuit in the Circuit Name, e.g. “A” or “B”. It is still same same circuit.

  • Example: If you are assigned to A-1-B, the Circuit Name is A-1.

Please do not include language names or codes, they are still the same Circuit.

  • Example: If you are assigned to A-1 Chinese, the Circuit Name is A-1.

The only way to fix this is Delete the Circuit, and then re-create. If there are other congregations already in the circuit, it would be wise to first discuss this with them.

Yes, any changes made to your Public Speakers will automatically be shared with all Approved congregations in your circuit, and any other Circuits you are in.

You will need to do this manually, in the normal manner.

Obviously only congregations who are using Public Speaker Sharing will be Shared.

That is up to you. We provide scheduling software only. You must still fulfill your role as a Public Talk Coordinator.

Public Speaker Sharing is self-managed by all congregations within a circuit. Since elders already personally know other elders in their circuit, this ensures Public Speaker Sharing remains secure. We cannot delete congregations, only elders in the same circuit can.

To delete a congregation, simply select the congregation and click Deny.

The congregation will immediately stop sharing Public Speakers and Public Speaker Requests, and will be automatically deleted in 60 days.

  • Note: You would generally not Deny a congregation who was already Approved, unless their Approval was a mistake (e.g. a duplicate, or they created a new NW Scheduler congregation). If you Deny a congregation that was already Approved, and already has outstanding Public Speaker Request, you will cause problems for that congregation.

If a circuit is still showing after 60 days, please Contact Us and we can manually remove.

If a duplicate Circuit has been created, whichever congregation created it should remove it.

If no congregation still has access to the circuit or no one can delete it, the circuit will be automatically deleted after 60 days.

If a circuit is still showing after 60 days, please Contact Us and we can manually remove.

Visiting Public Speakers are almost always from your local circuit. Due to the time and expense involved, it would be very rare to have speakers from another Circuit regularly visit your congregation.

Usually you would only join your circuit and perhaps your neighbouring Circuit.

There is no reason why anyone would need to join more than 6 circuits.

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