Language Groups

New World Scheduler provides comprehensive Language Group support, allowing the congregation to setup one or more Language Groups.

Language Group support is integrated directly into New World Scheduler, with the following options available:

  1. Add Congregation Events for a Language Group, e.g. Circuit Assemblies or Circuit Overseer visits.
  2. Record Meeting Attendance for a Language Group
  3. Schedule the Life and Ministry Meeting for a Language Group
  4. Schedule Local Public Talks for a Language Group
  5. Schedule Field Service for a Language Group
  6. Scheduling Cleaning or Garden Care for a Language Group

A Language Group can have their own unique Language, Meeting Day and Time.

Language Group schedules and assignments are fully supported by NW Publisher app, and will show on both the Life and Ministry Meeting and Weekend Meeting schedules, with a Language symbol.

JWS Publisher app iOS & Android Language Groups Schedule Life and Ministry Meeting
JWS Publisher app iOS & Android Language Groups Schedule Weekend Meeting

Create and Setup Language Groups

Please see Groups and Families > Language Groups for detailed information about how to create and setup a Language Group. 

The basic steps are:

  1. Add a new Other Group
  2. Convert to Language Group
  3. Adjust Language Group information
  4. Add Persons to the Language Group
  5. Schedule the Language Group

Schedule the Language Group

Scheduling Duties

Language Groups do not have their own “duties” or duty schedule. This includes Hospitality. This is a limitation of Language Groups.

Instead, please use one of the many NW Scheduler Custom Duties. You can use any of these custom duties to schedule duties for a Language Group.

Please see Scheduling > Duties

Other Language Group Features

Common Questions and Problems

Yes, please see Scheduling > Christian Life and Ministry Meeting > Schedule a Language Group

  • Note: Only persons who have been added to the Language Group under Groups and Families > Other Groups will be shown when selecting persons for Language Group scheduling.

InactiveDisfellowshipped or Moved persons will not appear for scheduling, even if you tick these options.

Only Active persons who are not Awaynot Disfellowshipped and have the correct Assign value set will show in this list.

Please check the person is:

  1. Active. See Person > Spiritual
  2. Not Away during that time. See Person > Information > Away Periods
  3. Assigned to that duty. See Assign Privileges and Duties
  4. If you are scheduling a Language Group, the person must be in that Language Group (see Groups and Families > Other Groups)
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