Maintenance Tasks LDC

Scheduling the Maintenance Tasks, including those assigned by LDC (Local Design Construction) is quick and easy with New World Scheduler.

Tasks can be scheduled per month, or several months, and can be assigned to up to 4 people, groups or congregations.

To schedule Maintenance Tasks, click Schedule > Maintenance

New World Scheduler Schedule Maintenance Tasks LDC Menu

Create Maintenance Task Categories

  1. Click Schedule > Maintenance
  2. Click + to add a Maintenance Task Category
  3. Give the category a name, e.g. BUILDING MAINTENANCE

Create Maintenance (LDC) Tasks

  1. Click Schedule > Maintenance
  2. Select a Maintenance Task Category (or select No Category)
  3. Click New to add a new Maintenance Task in this category
  4. Enter the Maintenance Task name
  5. Optionally, enter the Maintenance Task Description

Schedule Maintenance Tasks (LDC)

  • Note: If you have enabled the NW Publisher app, Maintenance Tasks will be shown on the app under Duties.
  1. Click Schedule > Maintenance
  2. Select the Maintenance Task Category
  3. Select the Maintenance Task
  4. Select the month to schedule
  5. Click Assign to and assign up to 4 persons, Field Service Groups, Other Groups or Neighbor Congregations
  6. Once the task has been completed, mark the task as Completed.
NW Scheduler Schedule Maintenance LDC New World Scheduler

Maintenance Task Reminders and Notifications

Quick Steps

The following Quick Steps are available:

  • Send Maintenance Tasks for This month
  • Send Maintenance Tasks for Next month
  • Send Congregation Duties Reminders

NW Publisher app

Upcoming Maintenance (LDC) Tasks can be sent to and displayed on the NW Publisher app, along with Notifications and Reminders.

Common Questions and Problems

No, due to the seriousness and importance of these tasks, assigned brothers must personally inform the Maintenance Coordinator that a task has been completed.

Only the Maintenance Coordinator or another approved brother has the authority to mark the task as Completed.

This also allows them an opportunity to briefly discuss the task, including discussing any issues found, or for the Maintenance Coordinator to ask questions.

No, NW Scheduler is designed for use by your congregation only.

If neighbour congregations or persons in other congregations are assigned certain tasks, you must manually inform them. 

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