Import Territories from Territory Helper

New World Scheduler supports importing Territories from Territory Helper.

We believe your congregation and person data is your own, and you should be able to Import and Export your data as you wish. We also believe that as true Christians, it is both reasonable and right to allow data exchange between other JW scheduling programs.

What is Territory Helper?

Territory Helper is a web application designed to help Jehovah’s Witnesses with their congregation’s territories. Territory Helper allows brothers to design, create, manage, graph and explore their congregation’s territories.

What data can be imported from Territory Helper?

At this time, New World Scheduler is able to import the following information from Territory Helper:

  • Territory Number
  • Territory Code
  • Territory Description
  • Territory Notes

Territory coordinates or map data are unable to be imported at this time.

Territory Helper also allows brothers to list each house or unit separately. NW Scheduler does not support this. You can only import actual Territories, not individual houses or units.

How to import from Territory Helper?

  1. Visit and login
  2. Export your Territories as a JSON file and save somewhere on your computer
  3. Open New World Scheduler
  4. Click Congregation > Territories
  5. Click Import
  6. Click from Territory Helper
  7. Locate the JSON file you previous saved in step 2, and click OK

Import Problems

Please see Import Problems

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