Import your Congregation and ALL data

New World Scheduler supports Importing and Exporting congregation data into a variety of common file formats.

We believe your congregation and person data is your own, and you should be able to Import and Export your data as you wish. We also believe that as true Christians, it is both reasonable and right to allow data exchange between other JW scheduling programs.

Unfortunately, not all software companies agree with us. It can sometimes be difficult to import congregation data from other software programs, but we try our best to help.

New World Scheduler can import your congregation and ALL data from the following sources:

This allows you to quickly and easily get started with New World Scheduler with all your existing congregation, person, and schedule data.

New World Scheduler Getting Started Create Open Import Congregation view

How to Import your Congregation and ALL data

  1. Under Getting Started, select either:
  2. Carefully follow the onscreen instructions to export and prepare the data
  3. Click Import

Import Data into an existing New World Scheduler Congregation

For best results, it is generally better to import data when you first create a New World Scheduler congregation.

However, you can also import most data into an existing New World Scheduler congregation:

Importing Problems

Please see Import Problems

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