Open a Congregation from Sharing

Congregation Sharing allows all approved appointed to automatically and securely share and synchronize all Congregation, member and schedule data.

If another Elder in your congregation has created a New World Scheduler Congregation and then Enabled Congregation Sharing, you can now Open a Congregation from Sharing to connect to your congregation,

New World Scheduler Congregation Open Congregation from Sharing Selection

Before Connecting

For added security, Congregation Sharing now uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This means in additional to knowing the Sharing Region, Congregation ID and Congregation Sharing Password, your Email address is also used to Identify you are allowed to connect to the congregation.

A Congregation Administrator will create your Member record, then add your Email. Finally, they add you as a Shared Member. When you connect, you must use that same Email.

This is very similar to the security of and is an extremely secure system.

  1. Tell your Congregation Administrator your Email. He will then add you as a Shared Member.
    • Note: Please only use lowercase for all email addresses.
    • Note: Please do not use your jwpub email address.
  2. Ask your Congregation Administrator for the following information:
    • Congregation Sharing Region
    • Congregation ID
    • Congregation Sharing Password

Open Congregation from Sharing

  1. Download and install New World Scheduler on your computer.
  2. Open New World Scheduler and select your language.
  3. At Getting Started, click Open Congregation from Sharing
    • Note: If you have already created a congregation or already have a congregation open, you must first Delete that Congregation. You can only have one congregation at a time. Please see How to Change or Delete a Congregation


  1. Select your Sharing Region
  2. Enter the Congregation ID 
  3. Enter the Congregation Sharing Password
    • Note: This information should be given to you by a Congregation Administrator.
  4. Click Connect
New World Scheduler Congregation Congregation Sharing Connect


If your Email exactly matches your New World Scheduler Member record, the Identify step will be completed automatically, and you will automatically proceed to Verify.

However, if your Email does not match, you will see the message “Sorry, this congregation does not have a Shared Member with the above Email.”

  1. Ensure your Email exactly matches the your New World Scheduler member record Email 1, then click Identify
  2. If that doesn’t work, please contact a Congregation Administrator for assistance.
  3. If you are a Congregation Administrator, please see Common Sharing Questions & Problems > Connecting for further help.
New World Scheduler Congregation Congregation Sharing Identify


  1. A Verification Code will be automatically sent to your Email.
  2. Check your email to find your Verification Code.
    • Note: This should arrive within 60 seconds. Sometimes it may be placed in your SPAM or JUNK folders, so please also check there.
  3. Enter the Verification Code
  4. Click Verify
  • Note: If you do not receive your Verification Code, or it is incorrect, please wait 60 seconds then click Resend Verification Code.

Verification problems

If you have problems verifying your email, please try the following:

  1. Check your SPAM or JUNK folders
  2. Double-check your Email address is exactly correct
  3. Click Resend Verification Code
  4. Create a new email account that will accept emails. We recommend Gmail.
    • Note: Some email domains will not accept email verifications due to MailPolicy violations. Hotmail or Outlook also tends to block a lot of emails. There is nothing we can do about this. We do not control the policies of other email providers.  Either contact your email provider and ask them why they are blocking our emails, or just use Gmail.
  5. Wait 24 hours and try again. Sometimes email servers go down temporarily.
  6. Please do not contact us unless you have tried all of the above.

Common Questions and Problems

Please carefully re-read the section Open a Congregation from Sharing above.

If you have already created a congregation or already have a congregation open, you must first Delete that Congregation.

You can only have one congregation open at a time. Please see How to Change or Delete a Congregation.

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