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New World Scheduler Congregation Sharing allows appointed brothers quickly and easily keep up-to-date with what is happening in the congregation, automatically sharing and synchronizing data between approved brothers.

Congregation Sharing does not store sensitive or confidential information online, therefore is fully compliant with sfl.

To access Congregation Sharing, click Congregation > Congregation Sharing

New World Scheduler Congregation Congregation Sharing menu

Connect to your Congregation

If Congregation Sharing has already been enabled and setup by another Elder in your congregation, please see Open a Congregation from Sharing

Otherwise, please see Setup Congregation Sharing

Setup Congregation Sharing

  • Note: Only ONE elder should Create and Share the congregation. All other appointed brothers should Open this congregation from Sharing. If multiple elders have separately created congregations, you cannot merge them.
  • Note: Please only Enable Congregation Sharing after you have finished Importing or entering all your data.

Enable Congregation Sharing

  1. Click Persons > Add Person and add yourself to New World Scheduler. Ensure you are set as an Elder and your email address matches the Email Address you setup when you first opened New World Scheduler.
    • Note: See Persons Help for more information.
    • Note: If necessary, click Settings to adjust your email address. Please only use lowercase for all email addresses.
  2. Click Congregation > Congregation Sharing
  3. Select your Sharing Region
    • Note: This determines which New World Scheduler Sharing Server you will use. Please remember your selection.
  4. Click Enable Congregation Sharing
New World Scheduler Congregation Sharing Enable Congregation Sharing

Create a Congregation Sharing Password

  1. Create a Congregation Sharing Password
    • Note: This password must be told to other brothers in your congregation so they can connect.
    • Note: Please create a secure password, at least 8 characters and including lowercase, UPPERCASE and numbers.
  2. Ensure your Email is correct.
  3. Click Create
  4. Identify yourself. Select yourself from the list of persons.
      • Note: The person’s Email 1 must exactly match your Email. This is for security purposes. If they do not exactly match, please either change your Email or change the person’s Email 1.
New World Scheduler Congregation Sharing Create Congregation Sharing Password 1

Your Congregation has now been shared!

New World Scheduler Congregation Sharing view

Congregation Administrators

Any Shared Person who has Congregation Sharing – Edit User Access is a Congregation Administrator. In the Shared Persons list, they will have a small user-gear icon next to their name.

Congregation Administrators are responsible for:

  1. Add or Removing Shared Persons. See Add Persons to Congregation Sharing
  2. Setting User Access for Shared Persons. See Congregation Sharing User Access
  3. Creating or Changing the Congregation Sharing Password. Click Change Password.
    • Note: Please remember to tell the other elders the new password!

We strongly recommend having at least 2 Congregation Administrators. This would usually be at least the COBE and Secretary, but can be more.

Add Persons to Congregation Sharing

Note: For added security, Congregation Sharing now uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This means in additional to knowing the Sharing Region, Congregation ID and Congregation Sharing Password, a persons Email address is also used to Identify them as being allowed to connect to the congregation.

A Congregation Administrator will create the Person record, then enter the person’s Email 1. Finally, they add the person as a Shared Person. Please do not use email addresses for Email 1.

When a person connects to the congregation, in addition to needing the correct Sharing Region, Congregation ID and Congregation Sharing Password, they must also use the exact same Email as their person’s Email 1 record, and then Verify their email.

This is very similar to the security of and is an extremely secure system.

  • Note: Only Congregation Administrators can add Shared Persons.
  • Note: Generally only appointed brothers should be added, since New World Scheduler is not designed for publishers. Publishers should use the JWS Publisher app.
  1. Ensure the person has already been added as a Person in New World Scheduler
  2. Double check their Email 1 field is correct and they know which email has been recorded.
    • Note: Do not use email addresses in the Email 1 field.
    • Note: See Person Information
  3. Click Congregation > Congregation Sharing
  4. Click Add Person
  5. Find and select the person, click OK
  6. Tell the Shared Person the correct Sharing Region, Congregation ID and Congregation Sharing Password
  7. The Shared Person should now install New World Scheduler on their computer, and click Open from Congregation Sharing
  8. Optionally, after adding all Shared Persons, click the Send Invitation Email to Not Connected Shared Persons Quick Step to send this information to Shared Persons.


New World Scheduler Congregation Sharing Person Email 1

New World Scheduler Congregation Sharing Shared Members Email Matches

New World Scheduler Members Identify Member Email Matches

Remove Persons from Congregation Sharing

  • Note: Removing a person from Congregation Sharing means they no longer can connect to Congregation Sharing and receive data changes.
  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Sharing
  2. Select the person to remove
  3. Click Remove Person
  4. Optionally, tick Remotely Delete all their New World Scheduler data
      • Note: See Remotely Delete New World Scheduler data below for more details
  5. Confirm your selection

Remotely Delete New World Scheduler data

When removing a person from Congregation Sharing, a Congregation Administrator can optionally choose to Remotely Delete all their New World Scheduler data.

This means the next time that person opens New World Scheduler, he will be disconnected from Congregation Sharing and all his New World Scheduler data, including Automatic Backups will be automatically deleted. You might choose this option if a person is deleted as an elder.

Please note the following limitations:

  1. If the person doesn’t open New World Scheduler, their data will not be deleted.
  2. If the person opens New World Scheduler when their internet is not connected, their data will not be deleted.
  3. Any manual backups stored on USB or elsewhere will not be deleted

Congregation Sharing Logs

All interaction with the sharing server is logged for debugging and security purposes. These logs can be viewed by any brother connected to Congregation Sharing.

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Sharing > Sharing Logs button
  • Note: If you have any problems with Congregation Sharing, please first carefully check the Sharing Logs.

Congregation Sharing User Access

When Congregation Sharing is enabled, User Access is also automatically enabled and cannot be disabled.

Please see User Access Help for more information.

Congregation Registration

New World Scheduler offers an option to Register New World Scheduler with a Congregation License. This allows all approved appointed brothers to use New World Scheduler when connecting to this congregation.

Once a Congregation has a CONGREGATION License, New World Scheduler will automatically show the congregation registration for each brother who connects to the congregation.

Disable Congregation Sharing

For security reasons, only a Congregation Administrator in your congregation can either Enable or Disable Congregation Sharing.

New World Scheduler Support cannot Enable or Disable your Congregation Sharing.

  1. Click Congregation > Congregation Sharing
  2. Click Disable Sharing
    • Note: This will affect all other Shared Persons, and will immediately and permanently remove all encrypted data and logs from the Sharing Server.
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