Backup and Restore Data

New World Scheduler creates both Automatic Backups, and allows you to create manual backups of your data.

When you create a Backup, all data is backed up, including Congregation, Persons, Schedules, etc.

To Backup or Restore your data, click Congregation > Backup and Restore

NW Scheduler Congregation Backup and Restore Menu New World Scheduler


NW Scheduler creates an Automatic Backup each time the program is closed. This is saved on your local computer only.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND you also REGULARLY create an OFFSITE backup to a portable USB drive in case your computer crashes, is damaged, stolen, or if your data is damaged or corrupted.

If you do not create an offsite backup, there will be no way to restore your data.

Again: New World Scheduler does not store your data anywhere online, and we have no access to your data. You are responsible for your data and ensuring it is kept safe and backed up.

Please backup your data!

“The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences” – Proverbs 22:3

Automatic Backups

Every time New World Scheduler closes, it creates an Automatic Backup on your local computer. The last 40 Automatic Backups are kept, and you can restore from any of these at any time.

Automatic Backups are saved on your local computer only, in the following folder: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\NW Scheduler\Backups

Automatic Backups are encrypted and password-protected.

  • Note: Even though New World Scheduler creates an Automatic Backup, this is stored on your local computer only. You must still make regular offsite backups. Please see the Important Information above.

Manually Backup All Data

  • Note: It is very important to make regular offsite backups. Please see the Important Information above.
  • Note: New World Scheduler will periodically remind you to create a Manual Backup. You can change how often you receive these reminders in Me > Settings.

To create a manual backup of all your data:

  1. Open NW Scheduler
  2. Click Congregation > Backup and Restore
  3. Under Backup, click Backup Now
  4. Select a location to save the backup
    • E.G. My Documents, USB, external hard drive, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
  5. Click OK

Your Backup File is saved as an encrypted and password-protected NWSchedulerBackup file. You can transfer your backup file to USB, OneDrive, Google Drive or any other location. You could also email this to another brother who uses New World Scheduler.

All Congregation, Persons, Scheduler and Field Service data is saved in the backup file. The backup file saves everything.

  • Note: All backup files are fully encrypted and password protected, and can only be opened again by New World Scheduler

Restore Data

You can restore data when:

  • Any of your data is missing
  • Any data was accidentally changed or deleted
  • Transferring data to another computer
  • Your computer crashes or has problems, and you need to re-install NW Scheduler

Data can be restored either from Automatic Backup or a Manual Backup file.

  1. Open NW Scheduler
  2. Click Congregation > Backup and Restore
  3. Click either Backup File or Automatic Backup
  4. Backup File: Click Select File and locate your Manual Backup File
  5. Automatic Backup: Select which Automatic Backup you wish to use. The last 50 are shown in reverse date order.
  6. Tick which data you want to restore
    • Note: Some data types also allow you to choose the specific data to restore, e.g. Persons, Field Service Reports, Territories, Territory Addresses, etc.
  7. Click Restore and confirm your choice
  8. All selected Data will be restored

Common Questions and Problems

New World Scheduler does not store your data anywhere, and we have no access to your data. This is for security and privacy reasons.

This is also why you are warned every few weeks to create an offsite backup to USB.

If your computer crashes, you have the following options to restore you data:

  1. Restore data from your offsite or USB backup
  2. Restore data from another brother in your congregation who made an offsite or USB backup
  3. Restore data from an Automatic Backup. Perhaps you can access the old hard drive and find the Automatic Backup files. Or you can ask a local computer technician to try and recover your Automatic Backup files
  4. If your congregation is using Congregation Sharing and another Congregation Administrator still has access, you can Open a Congregation from Sharing

If none of the above is possible, sorry there is nothing we can do.

Please re-enter your data, and this time please follow the clear instructions to regularly make an offsite backup of your data.

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