How does the NW Publisher app work?

The NW Publisher app is an iOS and Android app that allows publishers to electronically view information created in New World Scheduler by their local congregation elders.

Data for NW Publisher app comes directly from your local congregation only. Your local congregation must first use New World Scheduler (Desktop Edition) to generate and send any data to the app.

The NW Publisher app does NOT store confidential information online. NW Publisher is fully compliant with sfl and fully compliant with European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

NW Publisher app is used by hundreds of thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, including elders, pioneers, missionaries, and Bethelites.

NW Publisher app Security and Privacy

New World Scheduler takes data security and data protection very seriously and ensures the app data is fully secure at all times. We fear Jehovah and would never do anything to misuse or endanger your data.

The NW Publisher app has been designed so that only members in your congregation can access data meant for them.

This is no way anyone else can ever see your congregation data, including New World Scheduler support or programmers.

NW Publisher app implements the following best-practise security processes:

  1. The App server is not automatically synchronised with New World Scheduler. Data has to be manually sent by the person who created it.
  2. Access to the App requires congregation persons to first Authenticate with your congregation using a Congregation PIN, and then Identify themselves using a Person PIN.
  3. All app data is restricted to only those who are persons in your congregation and have appropriate access.

How does the NW Publisher app work?

New World Scheduler Publisher Edition iOS Android APP How it Works
  • Step 1: An elder opens New World Scheduler and enables the NW Publisher app.
  • Step 2: An appointed brother uses New World Scheduler to create the Christian Life and Ministry, Public Talk, Duties or cleaning schedule.
  • Step 3: That brother uses New World Scheduler to send the data to the app.
  • Step 4: A publisher downloads the NW Publisher app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Step 5: Using information his elders gave him, he opens the App, logs into the congregation and identifies himself.
  • Step 6: His NW Publisher app will now receive any assignments, duties, congregation events and announcements from his local congregation.

Does the Branch 'approve' of NW Publisher app?

NW Publisher app is not an official app created by the Watchtower Society. Therefore, NW Publisher is obviously not “endorsed by”, “recommended” or “officially approved” by the organisation.

This makes sense. The organisation does not and will not create a list of books, songs, movies, websites, programs or apps we can or can’t use. (see w14 7/15 14)

The branch is fully aware of NW Publisher app and have no objections to its use. In fact, NW Publisher app is used by hundreds of thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, including elders, pioneers, missionaries, and Bethelites.

Please feel free to see the comments of many brothers around the world, including in your local area.

Additionally, NW Publisher app does not contain any ‘misleading information’, does not contain any ‘spiritual food’ and does not gather any personal data from users. All data inside this App comes from your local congregation only. Just as Skype & Zoom apps help Jehovah’s Witnesses digitally hold meetings, NW Publisher app helps publishers digitally receive information from the local congregation.

After viewing the video “choose your apps wisely”, some publishers have incorrectly concluded that we should only install apps or visit websites that are officially provided by the organisation. The video did not say this. This is also both unreasonable and impossible.

Instead, the video actually stated that we should ‘be cautious about using apps or visiting websites not provided by the organization’. This is wise, and is something each Christian should use their bible trained conscience to do.

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