App Logs

App Logs show all a complete log of all devices and data sent, received and imported from NW Publisher app to NW Scheduler.

See see the App Logs, click App > App Logs

NW Scheduler NW Publisher app App Logs Menu

App Logs

App Logs are available for the following categories:

  • App Data Sent
  • App Data Received
  • App Data Imported
  • App Devices

Always check the App Logs if you have any problems related to the NW Publisher app.

Unable to Decrypt

Occasionally, the Preview or App Logs may reveal that data is unable to decrypt. In this case, please ask the affected App Person to do the following:

  1. Ensure they have updated to the latest version of NW Publisher app
  2. Inside the app, tap Disconnect (top-right corner)
  3. Connect to your congregation again
    • Note: They will need the Congregation ID, Congregation PIN, their First Name and their Person PIN.
  4. In rare cases if the above doesn’t work, a publisher might need to delete the app and re-install.
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