Limited Financial Means Registration

We recognise that not all our friends have sufficient financial means and some live in very poor countries.

Therefore, we have an option called Limited Financial Means Registration that helps these friends to also register and benefit from New World Scheduler.

Which brothers generally qualify?

Brothers living in very poor countries, such as some places in Africa (e.g. Madagascar, Congo), some places in South America (e.g. Venezuela, Bolivia), or some places in Eastern Europe/Asia (e.g. Sri Lanka, Ukraine), would generally qualify.

Brothers living in other countries that are genuinely of very limited financial means (e.g. remote places of Brazil, some parts of Mexico, etc.) would also generally qualify.

Which brothers generally do not qualify?

Any brother living in any western or developed country, (e.g. USA, Canada, United Kingdom, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Uruguay, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, and similar countries) would generally not qualify.

Brothers living in cities who have stable jobs, regardless of country, would also generally not qualify.

Pioneers, Special Pioneers and Bethelites living in these countries would also generally not qualify.

Access Limited Financial Means Registration

As it costs significant funds to develop and maintain New World Scheduler, we ask that this option only be used by brothers who live in very poor countries, are genuinely of limited financial means, and are unable to afford the standard Registration.

To access Limited Financial Means registration:

  1. Open New World Scheduler
  2. Click Me > Registration > Limited Financial Means
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